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Increase Your Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • organise your workflow
  • organise your paperwork
  • organise your workspace
  • organise your electronic information
  • organise your time
  • organise your calendar

Why a Workwise Programme?

Feedback from participants indicates that they gained one hour a day in increased productivity. Ten staff members on a Workwise programme means sufficient increase in productivity to gain an extra staff member – free!

Return on your training investment is soon realised.

The Workwise programme teaches practical work management skills. One of the critical success factors of the programme is that time to implement the skills is built into the structure. Add this to a winning combination of classroom training and individual coaching and participants learn more, do more and achieve great results.

Participants report that the increased efficiency gains help to reduce stress and provides time for them to think about the important stuff.

Increased thinking time means the potential to increase innovation and grow the business.

A practical work management programme that produces measurable results!


 Do you shuffle paper and emails?

Do emails interrupt your workflow?

Do you procrastinate about large tasks? 



Is your desk a paper war dumping ground?

Are you a hoarder?

Do you waste time looking for lost files?



Are you drowning in emails?

How often do you get the "inbox too full" message?

Do you waste time trying to find emails and files?



Do you act or react?

Do the small tasks get done at the expense of the larger or more important ones?

Are you working too many hours for too little result?